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Fire Safety Approved…

Fire Safety: Approved Document B states: ‘If a fire separating element is to be effective, then every joint, or imperfection of fit, or opening to allow services to pass through the element, should be adequately protected by sealing or firestopping so that the fire resistance of the element is not impaired’.

Fire resisting elements are often required to be breached, for example, by cables and pipes, in order to permit access for services, or by beams or joists due to a building’s structure.  It is recommended where breaches are required that they are kept as few in number as possible, as small as practicable, and firestopped

The main types of firestoppers are:

Sealants – expand when heated at high temperatures; different sealants are used depending on the type of substrate and application.

Collars – surround pipes and other penetrations with intumescent compounds that expand throughout fire.

Wraps – similar, but more cost-effective than collars, wraps are designed to seal service penetrations in openings containing combustible plastic pipes.

Covers – for luminaires in fire rated suspended ceilings, the cover expands internally in a fire to fill all available space with a highly insulating char.

Sleeves – designed to seal an opening created by pipes or cables passing through a fire rated wall or ceiling.  The sleeve expands when there is a fire to fill the space between the service and substrate.  It is designed to crush and seal off a pipe when its made from plastic.

Pillows – designed to create a temporary or permanent firestop around all types of services.  Typically used for applications where services are required to be changed or replaced regularly.

Putty Pads – provide fire resistance for electrical socket boxes where they penetrate fire resisting constructions.

It is important that qualified parties are involved in determining a building’s requirements for firestopping, ensuring both the right selection of product and correct installation.